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By John Colarusso

This can be the 1st entire grammar of a non-Indo-European language from the Northwest Caucasian family members in a language except Russian that covers all parts of the grammar. Kabardian is complicated at each point. The language taken care of isn't the literary normal, yet Kabardian because it used to be present in texts & within the mouths of Kabardians. This learn is an increase over grammatical sketches of comparable languages in that it provides a whole account of the phonology & morphology of the language, accounting for what have been formerly referred to as 'random variants'. The ebook provides the reader the 1st account of the syntax of this language. it is going to provide the world expert entry to the language. it's going to supply the linguist drawn to complicated languages entry to an awfully tricky language, & it is going to supply the theoretical linguist entry to a language that shows topological exotica at each point of its grammar, from phonetics to the lexicon.

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7). 3 Bilabialisation The bilabial allophone of the voiceless rounded velar fricative /x7 is highly unusual among the world's languages. It also occurs in the related Abaza. 4 Adytals The adytal pharyngeals /h, V/ do not accord with die usual account of pharyngeals (Catford 1977:163), but may not be as unusual as generally thought (Colarusso 1985). 2 Dialect Variations Within Kabardian there is remarkable uniformity, the only large divergence coming between Besleney and Kubano-Zelenchuk, on the one hand, and the rest of Kabardian on the other.

5 The Past Tense 35 (50) R5, Onset-filling with past tense a. Input [+PAST] b. Output O c O N p C I i -a Y- N C i -a R6 (51) then sonorises /Y/ in the codas. (51) R6, Sonorisation of past tense codas Nl -> /hV Then R18 (45) applies to give forms such as those in (52). (52) Remote past tense forms a. V /s3-q'a-k,w-a'-s7 [soq'\q,ok'wnIk",a's'] (byR5) (by R6) (byRlandR18) (surface form) (by R6) (byRlandR18) (surface form) Y- 36 2, Phonetics and Phonology It is only with such a concatenation of rules that one can give a coherent account of the past and the past of the past (the remote past) and still account for the phonology in a natural way.

Only a few forms appear to be irregular exceptions, as in (34) Some unpredictable exceptions to full-grade a. /baaS/ 'walking stick' b. ' c. / are systematic exceptions to the fullgrade rule. A few examples are given in (35). / a. a$a/ 'tool, weapon' b. abya/ 'herd of beef cattle' c. asa/ 'tame, quiet' d. 5 Vowel-Colouring The two-vowel system of Kabardian is typologically of great interest, but is also known from other regions beyond the Northwest Caucasian family (in the Ndu family of Papua New Guinea (Allen and Hurd 1972; Laycock 1965; Pike 1965), Mandarin Chinese (Chao 1934; Liu Fu 1932), Ethiopic Ge'ez (Colarusso 1975: 380), and perhaps one stage of Proto-Indo-European (Colarusso 1981:499-502)).

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