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By Frederick Baron Corvo

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Monsignor Hans Burchard, whose original Diarium awaits discovery, is careless, Teutonic, and petty. The Orators of the Powers compile their state-dispatches from what they have picked up when hanging about the doors of palaces, or from the observations of bribed flunkeys. P. VII, Messer Francesco Guicciardini, and Messer Benedetto Varchi, were Florentines, who wrote in the Florentine manner, of Rome and Roman affairs, from an antipathetic point of view, and solely on the gossip and tittle-tattle that filtered through to Florence after long years.

It was not the writhing mangled body of the Eel (Anguillara) that the Bear (Orsini) craved. That was the merest subterfuge. But to humiliate the Holiness of the Pope at the very moment of His exaltation from Sedes Stercoraria to Lateran Throne, called to rule. Him into malleability, to terrify will that into subjugation to Orsini's had been done and well done. P. Ill, would wish to purchase peace with any sacrifice, now that once it had been shown to Him what kind of devildom environed His very throne-steps.

He continues to say that nature does not distinguish between bastards and legiti- mates ; that the former are called natural children because they are true children of nature. Neither does grace distinguish and, as bastards are capable of temporal nobility, so also they are capable of spiritual, as witness St. Bridget of Ireland, and other natural children of signal grace and distinguished virtue. Further, he holds that the sons, of ; bastards who and recover lose nobility by rebellion, are not on their father's death ; that infamous ; infamy of any kind is washed-out by baptism and that the Pope can free from subsequently contracted infamy by His dispensation.

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